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Initial Nutrition Assessment

Full Assessment of medical and diet history, currently and historic dietary habits and behaviours, lifestyle, symptoms, if necessary blood tests and anthropometric measurements are done.

We discuss problem areas and some advice is also given

Meal Plan Consultation

Done after your Initial Consultation, we'll meet to discuss changes that should be made, recommended supplements, recipes etc are also given

Follow up Consultations

These take place 2-4 weeks after receiving the meal plan. Anthropometric measurements are re-done, goals revised and any alterations needed can be made. Further advice or education will be given to build on current knowledge.

DNA Diet

Eat for your Gene type, following the latest in nutrition research.

Nothing gets more personalised and accurate than decoding your genes. And why not individualise your nutrition? Discover your body's ability to lose weight, digest and absorb nutrients, risk for illness and nutrient deficiencies etc.

Which diet pattern & exercise works best for you?

Food intolerance testing

Food intolerances occur much more often than food allergies. Symptoms can vary and fluctuate, they can also be towards multiple foods or food additives.

Intolerances have multiple causes and triggers, but symptoms can show in 2-72 hours.

Symptoms like bloating, IBS, joint pain, sinusitis, asthma, muscle pains, acne, psoriasis, anxiety, depression, fatigue and much more.

Lorisian Food Intolerance tests are internationally renound, testing 156 possible fruits, veg, fish, nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, yeast, seasonings, wines  etc

Find out more from your dietician

Vitality Nutrition Assessment

Discovery Vitality will allocate points for seeing a dietician once per year (1000 points)

If you qualify to be on the Discovery Weight Loss rewards program, you can earn 11 050 points over a 12 week period

DNA Health, Sport, Oestrogen

Do you want to optimise your exercise/sport performance?

How well does your body detoxify and balance hormones?

Which illnesses are you at risk for?

Which nutrients are you at risk of developing a deficiency for?

Determine if you are built for power or endurance sports, your injury risk, recovery time which fuel you use in exercise and strategies to optimise these.

Find out what health ailments you are at risk for.

Multiple genes are tested to discover your body's ability to detox, metabolse nutrients, respond to exercise and much more.

Online or telephonic consultations

Same as the initial nutrition assessments, but you will receive a form prior to the online or telephonic consult, which is due back to the dietician before the consult.

Meal plans and educational information can then be emailed and discussed online or via telephone.

Enquire via email for more information:

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