Silverlakes Intercare

Hazeldean Square

Cnr Lynnwood and Silverlakes Roads



Tel: 012 809 6095


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We also work with...


Dibetes Mellitus


High Cholesterol

Digestive Disorders

Hormone imbalance

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

DNA testing

Insulin Resistance

Food Intolerances & allergies

Childhood nutrition


Mood and depression


Our Story


​Silverlakes Dieticians opened in January 2015 in the Silverlakes Intercare, Hazeldean Square. 


Lauren Sackett is the owner and dietician at the practice. She has a passion for food and cooking, as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

She promotes a non-diet approach to intuitive and mindful eating with her patients, whether they aim for weight loss, healthy eating or management of a chronic disease. We aim to break the mindset of diet culture and promote healthy food relationships, loving your body, feeling comfortable in your own skin and challenging what you think you know about healthy eating. Giving the control back to our body to ultimately tell us what it needs. 

Advice and guidelines are personalised to each individual as no two people are alike, this helps to set realistic, achievable and sustainable goals for each patient. Lauren is passionate about inclusion instead of restriction when it comes to what we eat.